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Our mission with our new app is to help increase your sales and awareness, with new and current customers, while supporting your community! The app will retail for $30 - $35, with $10 - $12 donated to the user’s favorite local nonprofit.

There is NO COST to join the app, besides your discounts.

Introduce your winery to thousands of wine and nonprofit enthusiasts around the country!

App Features

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We require all wineries provide a BOGO glass, tasting, or flight. You can add up to two additional offers. All offers are one-time use, refreshing annually. 

Other Offer Examples: Buy One Bottle, Get One 1/2 OFF — 15% OFF Merchandise — Discount on Winery Club Membership

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Describe your business, list your hours, and amenities; includes a link to your website.  

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Regulars or new customers visiting your area, our users will view you on our interactive map. They will scroll through all of our partners, sorted by distance.

To redeem an offer - your guest will simply show the server their phone and tap the offer they would like to redeem. Once an offer is used, it will it be “grayed” out and unavailable for a year.

Sign-Up Form

By submitting this form, you agree to honor your BOGO offer through 12/31/2020. Your two additional offers can be changed or removed at any time, by sending us an email.

Contact Information *
Contact Information
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Please provide 2-3 sentences describing your business for your profile page.
Must be BOGO glass, tasting, or flight
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We will include a standard exemption for all partners, in addition to the exemptions listed in your form.

“All offer presented are not valid with any other sales or discounts, Offers are equal or lesser value. Specialty wines may be exempt.”

We anticipate releasing the app in November of 2019 for holiday sales. Our plan is to have the app available for you to access and review in June, before launch. If you have any questions, please email or call Anthony at: - (952) 356-2276

Thank you for participating and making a difference in your community!