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Our mission with the Craft Buddy Pass is to help nonprofits raise funds and increase awareness, while driving traffic to local businesses. Your supporters purchase our app for $30 - $35 (annually), providing them BOGO drinks and other great deals at breweries, wineries, distilleries, and coffee shops across the nation. You receive $10 - $12 when you are the nonprofit selected at purchase. (The number of businesses we partner with will determine the retail price of the app.)

How it Works:

  1. Fill-out the form below

  2. Email us the image/logo you would like used (

  3. We will create your profile on the app

  4. Promote our partnership to your supporters - we will give your money to boost a post on Facebook, to maximize your sales!

  5. We will send you a quarterly check for funds raised

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If you have a good relationship with a brewery, winery, distillery, or coffee shop, please send them the corresponding link to join our app. There is NO COST for them to join.

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We anticipate releasing the app in November of 2019 for holiday sales. Our plan is to have the app available for you to access and review in June, before launch. If you have any questions, please email or call Anthony at: - (952) 356-2276

Thank you for partnering with us and for the work you do for our communities!